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Grab your Sublimation Bjj Gi Bag!

Behold a durable and lightweight way to keep your things together in one bag. The bottom of this drawstring bag is made firmly which protects your things from light rain or splashback from puddles. The top half is made out of a tough mesh, giving your karate drawstring bag just the right amount of ventilation and flexibility. True to its name, this karate bag has drawstrings that allow you to tighten the top so your things don't fall out. You can fit quite a few things in this bag (it measures 13.5" by 17") and you can carry it around like a backpack or just over your shoulder. If you like sparring matches or just prefer to carry things around in drawstring bags, then order your own Karate Draw String Sport Bag! You can also lookup up the stunning Kamikaze Sport And Travel Karate Bag for the best experience!!

"sublimation bag"

See it in action below:

  • Generous interior &  mouth design affords you easy access and retrieval of any stuff.
  • Superior quality materials & construction make for unmatched durability! 
  • the right amount of ventilation and flexibility
  • durable and lightweight
"best gi bag"

Sublimation Bjj Gi Bag Features

  • Material: knit cotton fabric
  • Colors: Black, grey, blue, floral, skin checkbox design, maroon, Yellow/black, blue/grey
  • measures (13.5" by 17")

Package Includes:

1 x Sublimation Bjj Gi Bag

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