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Grab your Muay Thai Gloves Battle Forged!

Get these Muay Thai Gloves Battle Forged in design, allowing for less rigidity around the wrists and making it easier to open your palm for clinch work. Some traditional boxers and kickboxers actually prefer the feel of these gloves over others! Performance lining on the inside of the glove and SBL Impact Foam so you can hit with full power. A secure hook and loop system, and antimicrobial liner to keep everything pristine. The fit is the same as traditional best Muay Thai gloves but we use SBL engineered leather, hand-shaped three-layer foam to cushion the hands, providing premium ergonomics, and protection against shock and impact. you may also visit our other products page like Gel Boxing Gloves.  

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See it in action below:

  • Forged In Tradition: Inspired by the fighting culture of Ethnical Combat Sportwear Muay Thai, Battle Forged gloves represent our most aggressive design fused with a deceptively simple style. Real fighters let their technique do the talking, and so does Battle Forged.
  • Old School Look, New School Design: The embossed look of these gloves is a throwback to classic boxing gloves. But don’t be fooled. Engineered Leather, antimicrobial treatment, and premium anti-microbial lining.
  • Muay Thai Flexibility: Muay Thai gloves are easier to open and close for clinch work, but many boxers still prefer these gloves for their snug fit and flexibility. 
  • True Grit for True Fighters: A favorite of UFC fighter Alan Jouban, Battle Forged gear is for those who are serious about their training, and their equipment

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"muay thai boxing gloves"

Ideal for daily use:

Perfect for boxing or kickboxing sparring, mitts, or bag work. The Ethnical Boxing gloves are great for professionals or amateurs looking to step up into top-level gear.

Muay Thai Gloves Battle Forged Features

  • Colors: White, Brown, Black
  • Material: SBL engineered leather, hand-shaped three-layer foam to cushion the hands
  • Sizes: 10 OZ, 12 OZ , 14 OZ & 16 OZ.

Package Includes:

1 x  Muay Thai Gloves Battle Forged 

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