MMA Training Gloves Strike Gel Boxing Ethnical

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Grab your MMA Training Gloves Strike Gel Boxing Ethnical:

Get the stunning MMA Training Gloves Strike Gel Boxing Ethnical made with the best premium quality material. This Beautifully designed Funk Strike Gel Boxing Gloves in BLACK  SWIRL, CLASSIC SWIRL, PURPLE SWIRL, and BLUE SWIRL. These training gloves MMA Gel Boxing wear are made effectively with 100% genuine Leather and magnificently styled. It is featured with the best fit that Fits true to size, taking up your normal size. Leather Material is perfectly ideal !! We are also offering Muay Thai Gloves.

"mma strike gloves"

See it in action below:

  • Expertise With Style: MMA Training Gloves Strike Gel Boxing Ethnical respects the brilliant period of boxing when the greats realized how to have some good times. Put a little funk in your aptitude. 
  • Disrupting Our Own Rules: Ethnical is known for its spotless look and uncluttered design. However, rules are intended to be broken, so we made a splash-color motivated design for the individuals who aren't reluctant to stick out. 
  • Made to look good AND Go: Don't be tricked! Underneath our pleasant plan is similar genuine craftsmanship you've generally expected from Ethnical MMA. High caliber and strong material are simpler to clean and keep up, gel-mixed froth gives brilliant insurance and delicate quality to help forestall injury. 
  • The Funk That Fits: Stiff gloves that you need to battle to make a shut clench hand make you work more diligently during preparing. All things being equal, our Longitudinal Arch Design is developed to fit the normal ebb and flow of the hand for appropriate clench hand conclusion while striking.
"mma training gloves"
"Training Gloves MMA"

Ideal for daily use:

MMA Gloves Strike Gel Boxing Ethnical is ideal for blistering late spring months or keeping you light and deft in the rivalry. These Ethnical Boxing Equipment come with beautiful packing. It’s ideal and perfect for gift and training purposes. 

MMA Training Gloves Strike Gel Boxing Ethnical Features


Size                 10 oz

Color               Black Swirl

Material           Leather

Brand               Ethnical

Glove Type      Training

Package Includes:

1 x MMA Training Gloves Strike Gel Boxing Ethnical

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