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Grab your Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves Professional Gold!

Get the universal symbol of those who achieve greatness. Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves Professional Gold were inspired by the athletes with a champion’s mindset. Whatever your objectives, champions have a mindset of working harder, remaining centered, and never stopping. Gold Strike speaks to our best material and most definite craftsmanship. With a style like Gold Strike, is significant that the soul of the gloves goes past looks. So underneath the outside are world-class execution gloves that consolidate the entirety of the best highlights Ethnical MMA has culminated. Best Engineered Leather, Anti-Microbial covering, and our mildest 3 layer hand shape. You may also buy MMA Training Gloves.

"Hook and Loop boxing gloves"

See it in action below:

  • Welcome To Your Era: Premium gloves for champion-caliber fighters. A favorite of Team Ethnical MMA athlete and UFC Hall of Famer, Michael Bisping.
  • The Top of Our Game: Simply put, Gold Strike represents the pinnacle of Ethnical MMA craftsmanship. Ultra-soft hand molds, antimicrobial lining, and top-tier engineered leather. We left nothing out in our flagship Ethnical MMA Gear glove.
  • World-Class Performance: The gold strike isn’t just for show, we made competition-level quality that will last you for hundreds of rounds. That means Durasoft Impact Protection Foam for harder punches, a premium lining that won’t tear, and engineered leather that is easy to clean and keeps bacteria at bay.
  • Hook and Loop Closure: Easy to strap on and get back to training. Our hook and loop system keeps your gloves snug throughout training sessions and offers superior wrist support. 
  • Crafted For Champions: Our Gold Strike Gloves are the favorite of UFC Champion Michael Bisping, as well as other UFC and Bellator MMA fighters who appreciate finer material and premium construction.
"mma professional gloves"
"professional boxing gloves"

Ideal for daily use:

With a style like Gold Strike, is important that the spirit of the gloves go beyond just looks. So underneath the exterior are elite performance gloves that combine all of the best features Ethnical MMA has perfected. Highest quality Engineered Leather, Anti-Microbial lining, and our softest 3 layer hand mold. Ideal for daily use!!

Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves Professional Gold Features


Color: Black, White

Sizes: 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz

Material: Highest quality Engineered Leather

Lining: Anti-Microbial

Sizing Guide:

8-10 oz gloves Person under 100lbs (common size for children)
10-12 oz gloves Person between 100lbs-125lbs (common sizes for women)
12-14 oz gloves Person between 125lbs-150lbs
14-16 oz gloves Person between 150lbs-180lbs
16 oz gloves Person over 180lbs

Package Includes:

1 x  Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves Professional Gold

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