Hand Wraps Gloves for Training

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Grab your Hand Wraps Gloves for Training!

In case you're into battle sports, your hands are likely your life. Hand wrapping is equivalent amounts of workmanship and science, with specialists all depending on various wrapping strategies. You can go through an entire evening time retaining tying designs, at that point battle to recollect them in the exercise center. Enter the
Hand Wraps Gloves for Training. Intended to emulate the vibe and defensive nature of fabric wraps, no sweat of a glove. Lash them on and put your Core Series or Essentials Gloves over them, and you're prepared for sack work or competing. Feel Free visit our other products like Gel Hand Wraps Ethnical.
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See it in action below:
  • Easy On, Easy Off: Get back on the mats in seconds. When you’re done watching hand wrapping tutorials and fiddling with wraps in the gym, switch to Ethnical MMA’s PAW hand wraps. Slip-on, lock in place, and get back to doing what you love!
  • Used for Everything: We made these gloves for multiple uses. Modest padding over the knuckles can act as traditional hand wraps under gloves, but the rubberized lining on the palms make these glove perfect for the pull-up bars, free weights, or cycling as well.
  • No More Handwraps: PAW Gloves provide similar protection as traditional hand wraps, and these gloves will easily fit under Ethnical MMA boxing, hybrid, or MMA gloves. Great for athletes who don’t want to mess with wrapping, or kids who just want to hit things!
  • Strap In: A Velcro wrist strap lets you tighten these gloves as well as any hand wrap, and it won’t be coming loose anytime soon. 
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Ideal for daily use:

 Ethnical MMA cross-training gloves are constructed using neoprene material. This material is popular for its ability to dry up super-fast preventing any moisture buildup that may contribute to bacteria or fast wear and tear for your gloves. This material is also machine washable which makes the gloves easy to clean and use.

Hand Wraps Gloves for Training Features

  • Colors: Black, Green, Orange, Pink
  • Material: neoprene
  • features a Santec Heavy Gel Padding which offers optimum protection for your knuckles to cushion them from injury.
  • The extra-long double wrist strap feature further enhances wrist protection ensuring they are protected from every enemy that may come from any direction.
  • These gloves have anti-slip silicone on the palm. This improves grip when lifting weights or holding iron bars.

Glove size: is generally determined by measuring the circumference around the hand (across the knuckles). For our gloves, sizing is done as follows:

Size -- - Hand Size

X-Small -- -- 7.5" and under (PREFERABLE SIZE FOR WOMEN)

Small -- -- 7" - 7.5" (PREFERABLE SIZE FOR WOMEN)

Medium -- -- 8" - 9"

Large / X-Large -- -- 9" - 12"

Package Includes:

1 * Hand Wraps Gloves for Training